Frequently asked questions

Do I need to come to your studio for Pictures?

We come to your school to take pictures. However, if you have missed your picture day (and make-up picture day if applicable) you CAN come to our studio to retake your image. Please contact us to schedule an Appointment. Call or Text (601) 633-1106

I forgot to turn in my Picture form. Can I still order?

Yes. As long as you took a picture. After picture day, images are put online for order. If you still have an order form and simply forgot to turn it in, you can turn it in late with a $7.00 shipping and handline fee. Please include shipping address, no PO Boxes.
For Yearbook and Spring Pictures you will need to have your STUDENT ACCESS CODE from your school's front office. Without this code, we cannot print your order. This does not apply to Group Pictures, Christmas Pictures and Sports Pictures.

I lost my Order Form.

Please check with your school office for extra forms. We carry extra order forms with us on sports picture day. You can also email goodwin@goodwinimaging.com for a form.

Why do I have to pay Shipping for Picture Packages?

After the initial picture order is delivered to your school, we cannot continuously send late individual orders to the office. We will need to send the order to your personal address. No P.O. Boxes. Late orders incure a $7.00 shipping and handling fee.

If I order late, can I still use my picture order form?

Picture Order Forms are to be used at the Picture Day only. After picture day, you will need to place an order with our office. Since a late order is taken individually, it does not contain the group discount. Don't worry, prices are still verry reasonable. You will need to pay additional shipping and handling of $7.00 and have the pictures shipped to your home. No PO Boxes.

How long do I have to order my pictures?

We keep images for the school year in which they are taken. It is better (and cheaper) to purchase your pictures on picture day, but you can order later within the same school year.

Will you send my picture to my school yearbook?

We will. However, it is not our ultimate responsibility to know submission deadlines and policies of your yearbook staff. We can not garonte that your image wil be included it your image was taken after the initial Yearbook Picture Day or Retake Picture Day.

Paying with a Check

We do accept personal checks. However, all checks recieved will be transfered upon being recieved and cannot be held. Post dated checks will not be honored. Any remitted check will incur a $40 transfer penalty plus the promissed picture package amount. For any concerns with fee's due to remitted checks, please consult your banking institution.

PrePaying Online: How it Works

When you pre-pay for your childs images before picture day using our secure site, you will recieve an email confirmation of your order. You do not have to send anything to school with your student on picture day, as we will already have all of your information from your online PrePay purchase. All PrePaid packages will be delivered to your school or instituiton and distributed from there. Shipping is not available for PrePay. If you need shipping, please wait until after picture day and use the access code given to your child by the school front office.

When will I get my Yearbook?

Yearbooks are distributed by your school the last two weeks of school. If you missed the oportunity to purchase a yearbook online, check with the school office, as they will have a limited number to sell.